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LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY Exxo Oils is a Program that gives the public an opportunity to invest in used and crude oil. The Company collects used oil around the globe, crude oil from the sea. ✏ company refineries are in Singapore . ✏ company will then sell the oil on behalf of investors thus making a huge profit for them . *Investment Options* There are 2 options of investment . πŸ’  30 days option :you make 1.5% daily on your initial amount giving you 45% a month. πŸ’  60 days option : you make 2% daily on your initial investment amount giving you 60% per month. *Opportunities* There are two possible ways of becoming an Oiler , an opportunity worth taking . ✏ when you referred 50 active buyers through your link ( your direct down lines and their down lines ) ✏ when your initial investment is R30, 000 Note investment starts as little as R200. If you seriously want to change your life , make a difference in your status, start with a large amount . *Oiler Benefits* Multi Level earning Stream πŸ’ Level1:10% referral bonus ( from your direct line) πŸ’ Level2 : 4% Bonuses ( from the direct line's referrals - your second line) Level3. 2.5% Bonuses (from your third line referral) Many more opportunities are opened for you within . Come join and change your life. Join now at : DOWNLOAD EXXO OILS APP ON YOUR PHONE ANDROID & IOS